• Are you an AOL user who wants to reactivate their account? Reactivating AOL account becomes difficult once you haven't used the account for more than 180 days. there's a period during which you'll easily reactivate the account and but after the period is over, AOL will permanently delete all of your data. Moreover, the method to recover your AOL account can be time-consuming so confirm you've got enough of it before beginning with the method. the method to reactivate the AOL account isn't that tough and you'll do this easily by following our article. We have provided a comprehensive guide for users to reactivate the AOL account. To Recover AOL account you would like to follow our guide to the purpose and don’t miss anything.

    Go to AOL login page

    Now, you would like to click on the My Account page inside the AOL account.

    Then you need to look for My Services and click on on it.

    You’ll see a Subscriptions option, click on that.

    Now, you would like to locate the product or the service you would like to reactivate your account.

    This way you'll activate any AOL service or product of your choice. After downloading a product you'll get to follow a similar procedure to activate the account.


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  • To setup SBCglobal.net email on your Android Mobile you would like the sbcglobal email account user name and password. If you don’t have the SBCGlobal email account then you'll check in and make your own free SBCglobal Account. See the step by step procedure within the last a part of this post.

    Follow the steps given below to configure SBCglobal.net email account in Android Mobile.

    Step 1: Open ‘Settings‘ App in your Android Mobile and click on on ‘Accounts‘ then click on ‘Add Accounts‘. Find the marked area within the below screen shot.

    Step 2: Add an Account’ screen, click on ‘Personal (IMAP) or Personal (POP3). Select Personal (POP3)

    Step 3: The next screen, you'll get an choice to enter your Email address. you'll enter your sbcglobal.net email address (att.net Account) there then click on ‘Manual Setup‘ within the bottom left of an equivalent screen.

    Now you'll get a screen to pick ‘What sort of Account is this?‘ Select ‘Personal (POP3). Then enter your sbcglobal account password.

    Step 4: The next screen enter ‘pop.att.yahoo.com‘ because the incoming email server and 995 because the Port. Then Click on ‘Next‘.

    Step 5: Set ‘ smtp.att.yahoo.com‘ as the outgoing server and 465 because the Outgoing Port number.

    Step 6: Select the SSL box (Use Secure connection) and alter the port if necessary.

    Step 7: Click on ‘Next’ to finish the e-mail configuration settings.

    Your SBCGlobal.net Email configuration within the android mobile is completed. Now you'll see your incoming mails within the Inbox and send emails from your SBCGlobal.net account. Check this post to find out Sbcglobal Yahoo Email Settings

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  • AOL Mail SMTP Settings remains same no matter the device or programme you're using. SMTP server accepts the delivery of your messages. To send or respond to an email from an AOL Mail Account, you're required to enter your AOL SMTP Settings details within the required fields. This information has got to be entered during the account setup while sending a mail from AOL account through an email programme.

    Following are the SMTP Settings information. Enter the knowledge carefully to avoid any hindrance within the AOL Mail Settings.


    Server Address: smtp.aol.com

    Username: Your AOL Mail screen name (e.g. whatever comes before @aol.com)

    Password: Your AOL Mail password

    Port Number: 587 (With TLS)

    Alternative Port Number: 465 (With SSL)

    Authentication: Required

    Sending Limits: 500 Emails every day or 100 connections every day.


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  • When we successfully update our Windows 10 desktop, we realize that we will not get the Windows function to work within the taskbar. After we shut down, we get a message to stop the shutdown "Task host Stopping Background tasks window 10. After updating the Windows 10 computer to the most recent manufacturer's update, many users find that several types Have problems. 


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